Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dumplings galore.

I realize it has been months since my last post. I miss writing! But time seems to be running away from me surprisingly fast. Every time I tell myself "OK, tonight, you'll write about your latest city adventure!", something else comes up and I'm whisked away from my computer. Naturally, being on a computer at the office all day long doesn't exactly invite more computer time at home.

Nevertheless, I do have a few places that I've seen in the past months that surely need to be mentioned. Today, I'm writing about my new favourite find: Qing Hua Dumpling.

One night, I was supposed to meet with my good friend Alla for dinner. She said she absolutely needed to bring me to this secret spot of hers, that she knew I'd love it. I asked her which place it was, convinced that I'd heard about it before (since I seem to either know or have heard of most places in Montreal), and she refused to tell me. She said that if I spread the word, it wouldn't be a secret gem anymore. Sorry Alla, don't hate me for posting about this! ;)

I have to admit that the restaurant is in an odd location - not somewhere I'd think of going for THE BEST DUMPLINGS I'VE EVER EATEN. But who cares, right? When the food's that good. Oh man. And also, I need to specify that the food is ridiculously inexpensive. Go during lunch hour and you get a miso soup and a drink with your bagillion dumplings for something like $12. Please correct me if I'm wrong... my memory lacks. All I know is that I remember eating boatloads of dumplings and being shocked when the bill came up.

I've since returned to Qing Hua with my good friend Pierre, and this fine food connoisseur totally approved. I've even recommended the place to some friends on Twitter and they loved it as well. All in all, this is the best food find of 2010, that's for sure. Thanks Alla, you're a star!

xx j

QING HUA DUMPLING, 1676 LINCOLN AVE. - click here for more info.